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How great would it be if planting bulbs would be easier?
Easy Bloom Pad®: A product suitable for everybody who wants gardening to be easy, clean and fast. Flowering of the bulbs is 100% guaranteed.

The product is simple; a biodegradable paper pad containing flower bulbs. Bloompads® were developed with a new generation of gardeners in mind. Bloompads® will reduce planting time to only 30 seconds per pad and takes out all the hard work. The bulbs are pre-spaced and do not need to be adjusted. After digging a hole in the ground or a pot, the pad can be placed. Cover the path with soil, water it and enjoy the rest of your day!


A bunch of flowers, without touching a bulb
One pad contains seven till twenty bulb, dependent of client wishes, type or bulb size. The Easy Bloom Pad® is a bunch of flowers which grows from just one package. Thereafter you can put these flowers in a vase and enjoy of this in your home.


We developed a state‐of‐the art patented machine that packs the bloompads. The machine is, as well as the product, patented. This allows us to bring bloompads into the market at a competitive price‐point.

Easy set up for unique display that fits your store
All Easy Bloom Pads® are sold in collections. These collections can be bought in whichever assortment is best suited for your location. All collections come in easy-to-stack cartons that are quick to set up into an attractive and great impulse purchase display. The Easy Bloom Pad® has a spring and autumn assortment. The autumn assortment flowers in spring season and the spring assortment in summer and autumn season.

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